Security of your data
Because of the sensitive nature of your data on Working Time Office Servers they are utterly protected. This protection takes place on five different levels:
  • while contacting our servers
  • while transmitting data to and fro
  • when on our servers
  • during external mishaps
  • through your own local data storage

Secutity while contacting Working Time Office servers
Every user gets a personal account with username and password. The password can be adapted at any moment. A log is maintained on the login attempts to your account, and their results.

Security while transmitting data to and from your computer.
You are the only one who can view your data. We know that the data sent contains sensitive information. These must be protected from others. To achieve this we employ 128-bit encryption techniques. This SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) –technique encrypts data before they are transmitted via a HTTPS-connection (same as used for internet-banking). Even when somebody intercepts your data no meaningful information can be seen.

Protection of sensitive information on Working Time Office servers.
All data is stored on servers in a secure environment. These data can only be accessed via the internet. Our servers run specialized antivirus and access-control software. Backups are made very frequently.

Protection against external mishaps
Short to medium length power-failures are handled automatically. As an end-user you will not notice this, only in the case of longer power-failures the system will execute a controlled shutdown after all users are asked to logout. These measures will prevent any data-loss.

Protection by local storage
Working Time Office, being a regular Excel® file, allows you to store your schedule data locally. We recommend to include your schedule data in a backup profile.

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Data in Working Time Office are extensively protected. Please refer to the text at the left for the various ways.

Login and ordering are processed through a 'Comodo' secure connection.

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Systeem demands
Working Time Office works mainly in Exce and includes macro’s. Evaluations and reporting need an active internet connection.
With existing plan sheets or other planning systems we can create a connection as well with time-clock sytems and pay-roll administration.
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