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Working Time Office is a complete personnel-planning suite with several modules to let you simply improve your Excel® planning.

Without the problems of formulas that don’t work after cut-and-paste actions.

Schedules, capacity, summaries, sick-leave, holidays; it is all available. You can even evaluate working and resting times against rules and regulations. See for yourself? Try first.

Working Time Office
The complete package installed in one procedure. Modules are linked among each other and schedule-data available when needed..
Working Time Scheduler
A workbook to allow easy setup of schedules. Each period shifts can be entered on the basis of capacity demand.
Working Time Absence
This workbook will evaluate the indicated schedule periods and report holidays and other occurences of absence.
Try and see for yourself how planning can be done!

Working Time Evaluator
The workbook used to collect period schedules, enter the actual hours and use the internet to evaluate and carry out hour summaries.
Working Time Reports
Use this module to extend standard reporting features with special reports on schedules and hour summaries.
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