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Like most people we are not keen on small print. We like to work on improvements on our planningsystem, to make people even more happy. Just to be clear and avoid problems we publish our legal conditions. They are Website Terms of Use, Copyright and Trademark Notice, Privacy Policy, and the Déhora End User License Agreement. Via the links below you can download and print these conditions.

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Déhora Website Terms of Use.pdf
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Déhora End User License Agreement.pdf
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In order to explain how we wish to collaborate with you, and vice-versa, we have published legal conditions.

Please take your time to read how you may use the website, how your privacy is protected, how the licenses can be used and how we intend to protect our copyright and brand names.

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This website targets planners using Excel, wanting to improve their staff planning. Information for management, system management and secretarial workers is included as well.
We have put in years of development into Working Time Office. We invite you to use the product under a personal license, a business trial license or a full license.
All data will be handled with utmost care and will only be used from time to time to send relevant information to our customers.
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