Calculator Staff Cost Savings
With this calculator an automated estimate of the expected savings, costs and ROI can be calculated. Choose a Basic, Pro or Premium set with support and training. A set includes a license to plan 50 employees. Enter a higher number and possibly other staff costs if appropriate. See what WTO can do for you!

Staff cost savings
    Number Empl. Cost   Total cost  Expected   Savings   Savings
Savings based on the use of   of empl.   per year   per year   savings   1st year   yearly
Working Time Office   x = =  
License fee calculation
      License   License   Discount   License   License
Description   of empl.   set selection   base price       1st year   yearly
Working Time Office > x = -   0
- Working Time Scheduler          
- Working Time Absence          
- Working Time Evaluator                        
One-off costs   0
Service agreement        
Updates & server utilization 1st  year and subsequent years  Annually    
Total savings due to improved staffplanning with Working Time Office  
Return on investment (ROI)
    Number   Total   Investment Service   Total   Returns
ROI calculation    of years   savings   1st year   total   ROI   ROI
Period of use   = - -    
Working Time Office® makes everyone happy!
Try our Calculator to see the cost and savings.

What does it cost?
Do you think that Working Time Office will improve planning in your department? What savings do you expect 5%, 2% or just 1%? Use the calculator on the left, fill in this percentage. Also the number of employees and the cost per year. See the potential savings, are you amazed?

Try and see for yourself how planning can be done!

What is the saving?
The management obviously wants to know what the licensing costs are, however the savings are even more interesting to look at.
Why invest?
Improving the planning saves on overtime, idle time, sick leave and the consequences of violating the rules. This will save at least 1 percent on the staff cost.
What others are doing?
People are often looking for the next step after Excel and find expensive or complex staff planning software. WTO provides the next step for an affordable budget.
Order now and make everyone happy!

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