Options to start using Working Time Office
There are three different types of licenses how Working Time Office can be used. For test use, after you sign up through this website you can downlad a trial version. Companies and institutions that want to improve their schedules structurely and want a certified staff planning tool to use, can purchase the full version.

Trial License
Does your company or institution needs to do a comprehensive test, than the 30 days trial version a good first step to do the planning of an complete department or your entire team. Tracking hours worked, and the changes due to holidays, sickness or training hours for example. Checking the workinghours automatically on the work and rest periods of the Decent Working Time evaluation set and optoinal on collective labour arrangements. Finally, print your schedules and a comprehensive list of all kinds hours reports, it is all possible.

With a small investment of your time you will discover simple it is to operate Working Time Office and how you can make your staff happy. So realy everyone can be happy!

Cloud License
After the trial period, you will see the benefits. But you do not want to purchase a license or it can not be installed at the office? Choose in that case for the Working Time Cloud solution. It allows you without installing the software and without investment, to use the modules of Working Time Office. Select the desired set and order your subscription via the special Working Time Cloud website. We simply cannot make it any easier!

Full License
Are you satisfied after the trial period and is everybody happy with the improvement? Then the choice is clear and your company or institution can purchase the full version of Working Time Office.

This license includes one year service subscription to use our Working Time Office server systems over the Internet and future updates of Working Time Office. The license fees are one-off and the service agreement is charged and renewed every 12 months.  One month before the expiry date the licenseholder receives a quote for renewing of the service agreement.

All online payments are processed by:

Order direct and pay online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deliveries are made within a few seconds after the payment is recieved. Immidiatly the necessary license information will be
sent by e-mail. You can also first calculate the cost yourself and make a printout to discuss your budget.

The 'Premium' set can be delivered via an invoice, if you request a quote from us. Your possible order will be billed for 50% in advance. This option is particularly useful if you have special needs such as supporting the implementation, workshops, or custom modifications in reports or evaluations.
The 'Cloud license' is an annual subscription that will be invoiced in advance. After the first year it can be terminated per month. Taking into account giving one full calendar month, the remaining subscription charges will be credited. Tell us your wishes.
Working Time Office® makes everyone happy!
Try our Calculator to see the cost and savings.

Try, buy, subsciption?
Is Working Time Office the staff planning systeem that you want to use? You can try it yourself for 30 days at your home or office location.

With the trial license, we have created the 'Trial' set to use. With the Cloud and the Full license, we have composed three different sets. You can choose a set based on comparing the different parts of the sets.

Try and see for yourself how planning can be done!

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Order now and make everyone happy!

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