Installation of the software
This page describes in some detail how Working Time Office is installed and explains the need for an active internet-connection. Full information on this subject can be found in the appropriate manuals. 

What can you expect while installing Working Time Office?
Installation on a home-computer hardly ever causes any problems. Installation on an office computer can be blocked for various (security-) reasons. The following may apply:

  • Access to (new) unauthorized websites may be blocked.
  • The installation of programs (.EXE) may not be allowed on local computers.
  • Execution of macros in Excel® may seem impossible. The cure is to change the macro-security setting from 'High' to 'Medium'.
  • Anti-virus programs may prevent execution of macros like they are used in Working Time Office, settings need to be adjusted.
  • The installation procedures confirms the presence of Microsoft© .NET on the computer. This is the case for virtually every computer running under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If this test fails the system tries to install the Microsoft© SOAP Toolkit. This may not be possible in an office environment without the intervention of a system administrator.
  • After the installation a secure (HTTPS) connection is set up with our Working Time Office servers. Firewalls may prevent this, and settings may have to be changed.
  • Sometimes in an office environment a proxy-server may control the access to the internet. Normally Working Time Office will use the proxy-server settings automatically, it may be needed to change proxy-settings.

In brief, a number of preconditions must be met with by the system administrator. Sometimes it may be needed to use a direct IP-link ( from Working Time Office to our Working Time Office servers.

Please verify you have installed the latest version of Working Time Office! The following link allows a test to check communication between a computer and our Working Time Office servers. When the test is successful a browser window will open showing SOAP/XML coding.

When needed we will be happy to contact your system administrator and mutually install and test everything. Once this is sorted out it should be easy possible to use Working Time Office.

Working Time Office® makes everyone happy!
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Are you familiar with the problems Excel® has with cutting and pasting of formulas, or with printing? And you, as system-manager, may clear the problems? Working Time Office is a system with all the advantages of Excel® without such disadvantages. Test for yourself.

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Systeem demands
Working Time Office works mainly in Exce and includes macro’s. Evaluations and reporting need an active internet connection.
With existing plan sheets or other planning systems we can create a connection as well with time-clock sytems and pay-roll administration.
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For any queries, help on technical matters or for assistance during a trial, we are more than happy to contact you.
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