Below several PDF files can be downloaded with product information and summaries of the Decent Working Time and Roster Risk Profile Analysis evaluationsets. Customised and country specific Labour Law and Collective Agreement evaluationsets can be deliverd, ask us about the availibility. By clicking on a link the files can be viewed, saved or printed.

WTO Product Leaflet v1.1.pdf
WTE Product Leaflet v3.0.pdf
Summery Decent Working Time v1.0.pdf
Summary Roster Risk Profile Analysis.pdf
Summary Roster Risk Profile Analysis Aviation.pdf
WTE Magazine.pdf
WTO Installation Manual v1.1a.pdf
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In addition to the information at this website you can get more information by downloading product leaflets and summaries. You can use Working Time Office as a trial for 30 days and maybe you can also make your colleagues happy.

Labour Law
The system as implemented in the Netherlands offers a 100% reliable evaluation based on Dutch Labour law. Others Labour Laws and Collective Agrements evaluationsets can be added.

Decent Working Time
In the downloadable international version, the adjustable Decent Working Time (DWT) evaluationset is included. This set is based upon European Directives, International Labour Oraganization Conventions and extra rules recomended by Déhora. These rules you can customize to your local Labour Law or Collective Agreement rules. In this way your schedules can easely comply to these rules. Better schedules means less sick, less overtime, less leaving employees which saves on hiring and training.

We work hard on many Collective Agrements evaluationsets and do so in close cooperation with employers and union organisations. The correct schedule evaluation functioning of the evaluatiesets is this way 100% guaranteed.

Try and see for yourself how planning can be done!

Product brochures
These PDF files provide more information on the different modules. The summary card about the included DWT evaluatieset very useful during planning.
We can develop any check which can be combined into one set. Through a license for these evaluationsets they can be used in de WTO. The rules of the included DWT set can be adjusted by yourself.
The manuals are available for download after signing up. The Working Time Office installation manual can already be retrieved through the link above.
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