Working Time Office - Sets
Specifically tailored to the different staff planning situations, based on the licenses we created several sets. First the 'Trial' set which is ideal for WTO to try. The 'Basic' version will do fine in many cases. The 'Pro' version offers additional reporting capabilities. The most complete set is the 'Premium' as it includes the RRPA evaluationset fort ergonomic schedule analysis, and an CLA evaluationset with irregular time reports. An integral part of this set is also implementation support and training. For paid sets also a yearly support contract is added for helpdesk and WTO updates.

Working Time Office® Licenses   Includes maximum number of employees
50 50 50 50
Quote for more staff to schedule - - Request Request
Request WTO demonstration 30 days Online Amsterdam At location
Order online or by invoice Direct Website Website Invoice
Description set definition   Trial Basic Pro Premium
Working Time Office (WTO) $ 0,00 2.362,50 3.150,00 4.725,00
Professional plan system in Excel® with
builtin reports, consisting of:
Working Time Scheduler
- Basic scheduling module
Working Time Absence
- Absence overview module
Working Time Evaluator
- Time registration and evaluation module
WTO Manuals (EN)
Complete digital versions (PDF)
DWT Decent Working Time
Evaluationset based on laws and regulations
with user adjustable evaluation checks
Working Time Reports (WTR)
Reporting module including 25
templates to print schedules and time lists
RRPA Ergonomics
Social and Physical schedule analysis
evaluationset with a total of 12 rules
CLA Sector specific (On request)
Evaluationset with work- and rest time
rules, FREE if available
WTO Manuals (EN)
Complete printed versions in luxury folder
WTO Helpdesk Telephone
Support phone +31-20-4044042
WTO Helpdesk E-mail
WTO Helpdesk Personal
Support through helpdesk employee
WTO Annual Planner Clinic
FREE meeting for users
Support agreement   30 days Total per year
Updates & server use annually 20% $ 0,00 472,50 630,00 945,00
Implementation and training   30 days Optional or extra
Preparation, workshop and guidance

Working Time Office® makes everyone happy!
Try our Calculator to see the cost and savings.

Costs or savings?
Do you think that with Working Time Office the staff planning at your deparment can be improved? What do you expect to save 5%, 2% or only 1%? Imagine what this could mean for your organization.

Product comparison
Make a right choice from the various sets. Try WTO yourself or request for a demonstration. It is also possible to directly order and pay online, the set will be supplied directly through the Internet.

Try and see for yourself how planning can be done!

What is the saving?
The management obviously wants to know what the licensing costs are, however the savings are even more interesting to look at.
Why invest?
Improving the planning saves on overtime, idle time, sick leave and the consequences of violating the rules. This will save at least 1 percent on the staff cost.
What others are doing?
People are often looking for the next step after Excel and find expensive or complex staff planning software. WTO provides the next step for an affordable budget.
Order now and make everyone happy!

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